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-Iyanla Vanzant

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"I know that all things are relevant to the journey of the call that He has set upon our feet"

Hello my Lovlies! My name is Miesha and I am proud to be a part of your journey which will take you into places and spaces that you most likely haven’t seen or conquered at this time in your life.  That is why you are here right?  You weren’t brought here by accident and this is where you have made the first step to move forward into the path that you know is greater than yourself!   

As someone who has walked the path from the severe phases to where I am now,  The Blaq Widow understands precisely how difficult it can be adjusting to new parallels.  Through this experience, I have set out to coach and empower widows and widowers to help them avoid the many setbacks that halts their path to acceptance, self love, and recovery.

                           Ready to rediscover yourself ?



What is a widow coach?

A widow coach is a professional life coach who helps empower widows and widowers on how to overcome the grief of losing a spouse.  The Blaq Widow offers expert guidance and personalized coaching strategies to coach widows and widowers on how to deal with the challenges of losing a loved one.  Through deep exploration of thoughts, emotions, and circumstances, the Blaq Widow’s coaching programs will help you learn how to live and love your life again.




Your Life


I really enjoyed working with The Blaq Widow because of her holistic and individual approach. She was patient, kind and encouraging even when I had not completed an assignment or frustrated. She made me realize that it’s okay not to be okay and that only time eases the pain felt with losing a spouse. The work was challenging but necessary to move through my grief and I am grateful to the sessions. Highly recommend!

Married over 20 years

Deidra H.

There are a lot of things that I can say about this experience and there are a lot of therapist or psychologist or Mentalist who have tried to talk to me and have all of them this is the only one that I felt comfortable with. It was easy. Not only did she get to the root of some of the problems that I had but she helped me see the underlying factors and some of the issues that I had and help me get some things off my chest that have been there for years. Losing a wife only added to the trauma that I have been through and she helped me get through the route of the underlying trauma and also the route of my heart from losing a wife. Help me to learn that love isn’t lost and it’s very possible and open up my heart to new candidates. Help me to see what I was doing wrong in a relationship in order to move forward and be a better husband to a future wife and helps me to see how my anger from what I’ve been through could totally be bad for any future relationship I had. I would totally recommend her. She is soft and professional and when needed the firm person you need. Because of experience of I have been against counselors and people helping me with my underlying issues but this was totally needed, totally appreciate it and exactly what my heart and body needed in order to move forward at the ripe age of 38. The skill sets and the things that she has taught me not only helps me in my business life and personal life but also in my love life and I can thank her no more. This review is totally underrated because their skill set it’s also underwriting. Thank you for everything you have done for me and I greatly appreciate you and wish you nothing but success and all that you do

Married about 5 years

Isaiah T.

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