The Blaq Widow

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I’m going to start with the obvious, you CAN’T live without it even if you tried not to.  If you paid attention before you clicked, there is a different image in the square vs what you are looking at now.  This was done on purpose.  The man on the front is praying BUT as you clicked and landed here, there is a man who has broke the chains and has became powerful.  This visual is an example of how faith brings about power, and power brings about strength.   I have said it before and I can’t say it enough..there is STRENGTH in VULNERABILITY!

When you pull from your faith, you  are pulling power that is immeasurable and strength that is unstoppable because it is YOURS and YOURS alone.  Nobody else can match it because it is YOURS.  As you go through this journey you will find many moments of vulnerability (good and bad), shaken faith for good reason, and instability that you have not encountered before.  That is why if is very important to surround yourself if the people whom you have entrusted the most (not because you have known them for years).  You will find people you’ve known for years will “look” different, speak different and move different.  It’s not your imagination playing tricks on you, you are finally seeing who they really are and how you will be weeding these people out of your life.