The Blaq Widow



Our journey is full of byways and complexities that takes much endurance to overcome obstacles that seems to never end sometimes.  Mountains that seems to looks unyielding blocks our view of what is ahead, but rest assured YOU have the power to move them!  We do this by examining and resolving your thoughts and feelings, continuously peeling back layers to transform your darkest hours into the promise of brighter days ahead. Life and death is in the power of the tongue and must be taken seriously. A little advise here my experience (everybody will have different results) when you are feeling your darkest you MUST affirm that you CHOOSE to live TODAY and speak to your mountain TO MOVE! With your WHOLE HEART and believe it!  Even if you cry yourself to sleep saying it, you will wake up in the morning a different person. I Guarantee it!


On this road of development, confidence, courage, and determination. I’ll help develop effective new strategies to help you work towards your future with hope and joy. I’ll also create practical ideas on life issues as you rediscover your life purpose and identity by looking at your satisfaction level in the life sections that represent balance. These sections are career, health, friends and family, fun and recreation, money, the physical environment, and personal growth.

These are just a few ways I can help you to:

· Create boundaries

· Learn when to say Yes and No

· Determine and boost your passion and purpose

· Rediscover your joy

· Find out the best way to raise children as a single parent

· Learn how best to work as a single parent

· Rediscover if, when, and how to date again

· Learn and grow emotionally by laughing, crying, and sharing more

· Improve your decision making to allow you to make decisions aligned to your “new normal” and your values

· Learn financial responsibility and accountability to ensure all of your financial matters are handled

· Learn the best way to take care of you

· Set realistic life goals and take necessary action towards meeting them

· Get you out of your comfort zone and ready to face the challenges that await you.

These will seem overwhelming but it will be done at a pace that YOU are comfortable with.