The Blaq Widow

Through our eyes

If we can imagine all the people around us living through our eyes, their souls would be changed.  After all, the eyes are the window to our soul.  There are 5 things our soul needs to maintain everyday;

food (needs to be fed fresh holistic truth),

air ( deep breathing to give oxygen to our daily new birth),

sleep (our bodies and souls need rest, what else is there to say here? 🤷🏾‍♀️)

sunlight (nourish our growth to maintain the connection between us in physical and spiritual form)

We as widows and widowers wish people could understand our pain, understand our emptiness, understand our lost, joy etc.  Cold fact is, they don’t have to, they have their own lives and they move on just like our physical day is moving on, BUT yet we have been forced to stand still and watch.  This is not a place you need to be or want to be even though it seems like if you moved on you will “leave” your spouse, TRUST ME, they have NOT left YOU.

Let’s take this time to stand tall and confident in knowing that you can make a difference in a world you never thought you wanted to keep living in, take note of the possibilities you have not discovered about yourself that needs to be unveiled to the world around you.  And as you take this step to transition your life for your better good…take time in knowing that, you are loved, still loved, and I LOVE YOU (Yes I said it! it’s true), and THAT is something NO ONE can take from you!